Laman Sosialku..

Kalau rasa2 nak add saya tu..
sila la jangan segan ye..

kalau lambat approve tu maklum le..

Rabu, 12 Januari 2011

~I WiSH~

I wish I could be anyone but the one that I am now

I wish I could see any scene but the one I hang around

I wish I could do anything but the things I always do

No matter how I try to sing along

Something is always wrong

What I wish I knew

I wish I could drive in the car that you drive around the Bay

I wish I could ride in the back seat you're riding in today

I wish I could be more like someone you wish that I could be

No matter how I change it anyway

You won't even say if you really want me

I wish I could turn into somebody far, far away

I wish I could make myself satisfactory in every way

I wish I could know whether you really know what you need

If I could only be somebody else

I wouldn't be myself

And maybe you'd want me

I can try to please you

Get down on my knees for you

Go outside and freeze for you

Swim the high seas for you

Whatever you need me to

I've been climbing the trees for you

Twisting in the breeze for you

But one thing I can never, never do

I can't believe for you

I can't believe in me for you


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